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Metairie Roofing Pros are proud of our roof repair work and roof replacement. We have made ourselves the premier roofing contractor in the greater New Orleans area. We have been here through every storm since Katrina and we will be here for years to come serving our New Orleans family with quality roofing repair and installation. We only use the highest quality products and brands on the market.  We offer asphalt roofing shingles in a spectrum of colors to ensure that you get the perfect roof to match your home. 

Architectural asphalt shingles are high quality and a price conscious choice for a new or replacement roof. They are the most common shingle and roof type in the United States due to their ease of installation, quality, affordability, and durability.  There are plenty of amazing color options to choose from, and it’s easily installed on architectural design. Help improve your home’s resale value with our specialized shingles.  Metairie Roofing Pros’ shingles will not only protect your home but also beautify your home for years and years to come.


Why Metairie Roofing Pros Use Architectural Shingles

We prefer architectural shingles. Here are a few reasons why…

Low maintenance – asphalt shingles require little to no maintenance when installed by our professional roofers.

Easily repaired – should a storm or other misfortunes cause damage to your roof, asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable and easy roof types to repair.

Durable – asphalt shingles will last for many years and look amazing while doing it, when installed by a professional roofer.

Affordable – asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable and price conscious shingles for roofing.

Color Options – Asphalt shingles come in a spectrum of colors that can match any imaginable siding color you choose. Whether you use brick, cement siding, or stucco plastering, there will be a beautiful color asphalt shingle to match perfectly with your home color theme. Or bring your favorite shingle color to your house painters and colors will match beautifully.

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How Do I Know When I Need To Inspect My Roof?

Is your roof is older than 20 years? While a professionally installed, high-grade architectural shingle roof should last you much longer, a general rule is to start monitoring the health of your asphalt shingles more closely after the 20 year mark.

Your roof is leaking. This goes without saying, if there is any evidence of moisture breaking through your roof barrier. Its time for a roof replacement.

Shingles curling or cracking. Often shingles will show evidence of failure from the outside before they begin to fail in performance.

Missing Shingles. Another obvious sign of trouble. Severe storms can pull vulnerable shingles. Once the roof has been compromised in this way, its urgently time for a repair or replacement.

Shingle granules in the gutters. This is one you may not be aware of. When granules begin to release from the shingles and accumulate in the gutter, its a sign that your roof is reaching the end of its life cycle.

Faded colors. If your shingles are tempting you to call your house painters, Call us first for a free inspection. It may be time to replace your roof.

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Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Home Roof Repairs

In the event of an emergency with your roof, you don’t have much time before real infrastructure damage occurs. That’s why Metairie Roofing Pros is always ready to get one of our roofing experts out to your home as soon as possible, and we always conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner. While we respond to most roofing emergencies within 12 hours, we can guarantee a 24-hour response time, even during the crazy and frantic times that follow a storm. Our experts can provide a temporary repair that prevents serious damage as we plan for a permanent solution for your home’s roof.

If you have a home roofing emergency happening, contact us immediately and we’ll fix the roof over your head long before you’re in over your head.

Components of Top Quality Roof Replacement

A detailed roofing evaluation performed by an experienced roofing professional

A proposal that addresses all of your concerns and shows exactly what you are getting for your money, with a flat price and any extra charges that might come in the process clearly listed

Installation of a breathable, high quality underlayment

Assurance of perfect placement and installation of shingle fasteners. The most common reason for premature roof failure is sloppy, bad installation. The most common installation error is incorrect fastening of the shingles. All of our shingle roofs are HAND-NAILED to ensure proper nail placement and consistent build quality throughout your entire roof.

Blowing off of gutters, downspouts, roof, and driveway.

Proper site preparation for the best possible protection of the structure and landscaping around the structure

Inspection and repair of old deteriorated decking, including re-fastening of broken or loose decking if needed

Great customer support that will answer any and all questions and concerns you may have while you are awaiting your roof installation

A detailed site inspection prior to installation of the roof to identify and address all areas of concern or weakness on your roof and any potential issues or problems that may need special attention, consideration, or action

Installation of high quality accessories that match the life expectancy of the roofing materials selected, including painting metal vents to match roof and new pipe flashings.

No down payments whatsoever and no payment until the job is complete and you are fully satisfied!

Installation of class A roofing materials, these materials are purchased from distributors that specialize in roofing materials to assure correct and appropriate handling and storage prior to shipping

Coordinating with your house painters to choose the perfect color of shingle

The removal of previous roofing and underlayment down to the decking underneath.

Final inspection by a knowledgeable  and experienced roofing professional with the customer.

Job and jobsite inspection by roofing crew foreman with job supervisor.

Installation of venting per manufacturer specifications to assure exceptional ventilation of  moisture from attic space and excess heat.

Installation of ice & water resistant underlayment shield in all valleys around all penetrations and all low slopes for extra protection against ice dams and wind driven rain

Reapplication of paint from any siding, trim or gutters that had to be removed and changed out.

Flawless clean up of any job-related debris including inspecting your yard with magnets to pick up any loose nails that may have gotten into your yard.

Can I Claim Insurance On Roofing Repairs?

As a homeowner, dealing with roofing repairs can be a stressful and costly endeavor. When it comes to insurance coverage for roofing repairs, there are several factors to consider. While some policies may cover certain types of damage, such as storm or hail damage, others may have specific exclusions or limitations when it comes to roofing repairs.


One potential advantage of claiming insurance for roofing repairs is the ability to offset the high costs associated with such work. Additionally, utilizing insurance for roofing repairs can provide peace of mind in knowing that unexpected damage can be remedied without bearing the full financial burden alone. However, it’s essential to thoroughly review your policy and consult with your insurance provider to understand what types of damage are covered and any relevant deductibles or limits.


It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing an insurance claim for roofing repairs. While it can offer financial relief and protection from significant repair costs, there may be factors such as increased premiums or potential policy restrictions that need consideration. By exploring all options and staying informed about your policy’s specifics, you can make an informed decision regarding whether claiming insurance on your roofing repairs is the best course of action for your unique situation.

Can I Deduct Taxes For Roofing Repairs?

When it comes to roofing repairs, many homeowners are eager to find out if they can deduct the costs from their taxes. The good news is that in some cases, you may be eligible for tax deductions on certain roofing expenses. For example, if the repair is necessary due to damage caused by a sudden event such as a storm or falling debris, you may be able to claim it as a casualty loss deduction. However, it’s essential to keep detailed records and documentation of the damage and repairs to support your claim.

On the other hand, routine maintenance and general wear and tear are not typically eligible for tax deductions. It’s crucial to differentiate between necessary repairs and regular upkeep when considering tax deductions for roofing expenses. Additionally, consulting with a tax professional or accountant can provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation. Understanding the finer points of deductible roofing expenses can help homeowners make informed decisions about their finances while protecting their most valuable asset – their home.

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