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When it comes to warehouses, factories, or any commercial roofing structures, it’s important to have professional services and the highest quality materials available to keep the structure functioning for years to come.

No matter if your building is being built from the ground up or your once beautiful roof is in need of replacing, you can trust Metairie Roofing Pros to provide the quality of service you expect from the highest caliber commercial roofing contractors in south Louisiana. We put the customer first in all that we do by striving to give our customers the type of assistance we would hope others to provide to us.

We have been a locally owned and operated company in the south Louisiana area for many years. We are dedicated to giving our customers the right services and knowledge to feel confident in their decision to hire us for their roofing project.

We offer free estimates during your appointment and a free consultation that will help you decide what shingles and color options available for your roof. We also also offer emergency services when storm damage or other emergency situations arise.


Commercial Roofing Projects

Commercial buildings have particular building codes and standards they must meet due to zoning laws and restrictions. It is important to know what to expect whether you have a new construction project or an existing structure that needs a roof repaired or replaced, we are the company to call. Call the Pros at Metairie Roofing Pros.

Commercial roofing projects are often complex and demanding, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the highest quality results. Whether it’s a large office building, retail center, or industrial facility, a reliable commercial roofing system is essential for protecting the investment and ensuring the safety of occupants. Quality roofing materials and skilled installation are crucial for delivering long-lasting protection against the elements.

Innovative technologies are driving advancements in commercial roofing, offering new solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. From cool roof systems that reduce heat absorption to environmentally friendly materials with high durability, businesses now have more options than ever before to enhance their properties with top-notch roofing solutions. With an increasing focus on environmental impact and cost savings, commercial property owners are seeking out knowledgeable contractors who can provide expertise in navigating these innovative offerings.

As urban development continues to expand across cities worldwide, there is a growing demand for modernized commercial roofing solutions that blend efficiency with aesthetic appeal. Roofing contractors need to stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about emerging trends in architecture and design that influence the selection of premium materials as well as personalized designs tailored to client preferences. By adapting to these changing demands in the industry, contractors can ensure they remain at the forefront of delivering exceptional results for their clients’ commercial roofing projects.

Commercial Roofing Metairie

New Construction Projects

Commercial Roofing Metairie

Unlike existing structures, new commercial structures often involve a bidding process where contractors provide a project estimate for the architect and customer based on their needs and requirements. When you work with Metairie Roofing Pros, you receive the highest quality materials and service for your project everytime- we guarantee it.

Existing Commercial Buildings

Regular wear and tear on your roof can lead it to deteriorate or fade over time. The elements – wind, rain, and hail – contribute to the deterioration of its condition. When you come across a leak in your roof, you can trust Metairie Roofing Pros to make the roof repairs to get your business back to business. We are available for emergency services and can provide you with repairs so you can get back to business.

If your shingles get cracked, the hail damage does its damage, or materials become overgrown with algae, it’s time to replace your roof. We regularly work with insurance adjusters to determine the extent of the damage and provide estimates for repair or replacement of the project. Once they approve of the distribution, we can get to work on your commercial building and make it even better than it was before.

Commercial Roofing Metairie

Warrenties on Commercial Roofing

Metairie Roofing Pros

No discussion of commercial roofing projects would be complete without discussing warranties. At Metairie Roofing Pros, we offer warranty on every project, and we have an additional labor warranty available for purchase.

Our materials and installation warranties range from 10 to 30 years depending on the thickness of materials, the millage, and the square footage of the entire project. Our warranties provide you the peace of mind you need to depend on our service and materials.

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